Trademarks and Copyrights

At the Law Office of Alexander Roome, we strongly believe in the importance of intellectual property rights to individuals, artists, and businesses. Our Trademark and Copyright attorneys assist our clients in a variety of intellectual property issues, including trademark registration, copyright registration, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, technology licenses and contracts, and internet disputes including cyber-squatting and domain name disputes.


Federal Trademark Clearance and Trademark Registration:

Registering a Trademark federally with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) can give a business strong protection for their trademark.  At the Law Office of Alexander Roome we understand the benefits and reasons for registering a Trademark and can help guide the client through the process.

Before attempting to register a trademark, a skilled attorney must “clear” the trademark in order to ensure no conflicts will arise.  This can save a business the time and expense of a dispute further down the road.  Once clearance has taken place, the trademark attorney can submit the trademark for registration. Without a competent trademark attorney, this process can be time consuming and confusing.  We are happy to be able to offer our clients flat fees for trademark registration.

State Trademarks:

Sometimes, Registering a Federal Trademark is not always the right solution for businesses.  There are benefits to both and certain businesses may benefit only registering a trademark with the State of Oregon. In particular, the filing fees and attorney fees are much lower.  As with Federal Trademarks registration, we offer flat fees to complete State Trademarks.


A copyright is a type of production the law grants for “original works of authorship in a fixed medium of expression.” Practically, copyright protects many forms of authorship including written, artistic, musical and literary works such as songs, novels, plays, movies, paintings, sculptures, computer software and others. A strong copyright attorney can help you with many issues surrounding copyright law

Copyright Registration:

A copyright registration involves registering your work with the U.S. Government. While you do not have to register a copyright to have it protected it is beneficial to do so for a number of reasons.  A holder of a federally protected copyright gains  a number of benefits. First and foremost, if someone is stealing or copying your work, registration is required for filing an infringement claim in court. If you file after the infringement takes place, your case may be more difficult. Second, statutory damages (minimum damages set by law) are available only to registered copyrights, and attorney’s fees can be available.

At the Law Office of Alexander Roome we are happy to offer flat fees for copyright registration. We also support artists in their attempts to secure and enforce copyrights, so we are pleased to offer artist and student discounts.

Copyright Disputes – Internet Content and DMCA Takedown Notice:

Copyright disputes happen frequently, especially on the internet.  Content creators often find their work copied without their permission in various places on the internet. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) allows for a procedure called a “takedown notice” to remove the copied material from the offending website.  Sometimes content creators need to use copyrighted material for their site. Under certain situations copyrighted material can be copied under “fair use” or for other reasons.  We also advise and  draft “anti-takedown” notices.