Business Transactions and Contract Drafting

Contract Reviews and Business Transactions Advice:

Business need solid advice at many stages of their growth and development. We know that that entering into a business transaction can be vital to the success of your business. Many times this will involve reviewing contracts, advising businesses on taking on partners and employees, and much more. At our firm, we are here to review and negotiate contracts and transactions to get the most effective contract for our client. In reviewing business contracts, we will not overlook a single detail, and we ensure our clients know exactly what they are getting into when they sign the contract.

We also take clients as individuals and review contracts they are signing personally.  I will work efficiently in reviewing and then summarizing a contract for our clients, and if necessary, negotiating different terms.

Contract Drafting:

Written agreements and contracts should be in place for nearly every kind of business transaction. Well written agreements provide businesses with peace of mind knowing that their business’ relationships are made on a solid foundation.  I draft contracts so they are easy to read and understand, without ambiguities to avoid future conflicts.