Oregon Divorce

Alexander Roome | Portland, OR Divorce Attorney 

Divorce can be an extremely difficult time for a family, no matter what the circumstances.  Our compassionate divorce attorneys will help put you at ease and guide you through the process. Furthermore, divorces can involve issues of Child Custody and Spousal Support.

The Divorce Process in Oregon:
Divorce in Oregon is a proceeding that must be done through the courts. It starts when one party files paperwork with a court.  This paperwork is called a “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.”  In Oregon, divorce is determined regardless of fault.  It makes no difference why one party wants a divorce, or what either party has done during the marriage, however, those factors can have an impact in child custody determinations.

In Oregon courts, once the petition for dissolution of marriage has been filed, the other party must file a response, and they have 30 days to do so.  If you have been served with divorce paperwork, you must file a response in this time period, otherwise the other party can take a “default” against you, and they can potentially have the court grant them everything they asked for.

After both parties have sent their paperwork to the court, most attorneys will attempt to settle most, if not all issues without trial.  At the Law Office of Alexander Roome we are committed to negotiating a favorable settlement between you and your spouse because we believe it is the fastest and cheapest way of obtaining a divorce.  However, if the parties are unable reach an agreement, the parties must attend trial.  The trial process will involve calling witnesses, cross-examining the other parties’ witnesses, and giving oral arguments in front of a judge.  The trial process can be difficult because you cannot predict exactly what the judge will determine.  Contact a Portland, Oregon Divorce Attorney today.

Collaborative Divorce:
A growing trend in solving divorce cases in Oregon is to use a method without involving the courts called “collaborative divorce”. This can be a good alternative for many because it can help address the stressful issues in divorce and fighting of child custody and child support.  In collaborative divorce, the parties sign an agreement that they will not initiate or threaten to initiate litigation throughout the settlement process.  While the process takes time, it can be a cost-effective and less stressful way of obtain a divorce. Contact a Portland, Oregon Collaborative Divorce Attorney.

Legal Separation:
Another alternative to Divorce in Oregon is a “Legal Separation”.  While couples can separate without a court, they can also obtain a judgment from a court defining the details fo the separation. Legal Separation is almost identical to divorce in that will ultimately result in determinations of child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal support and property divisions, yet the couples will still remain married.  This can be a good alternative for certain families. In particular, legal separation can be good for families who want certain benefits to stay in place, such as military benefits or health insurance.  It can also be a good solution for parties with particular religious beliefs.  Contact a Portland, Oregon Attorney about Legal Separation.