Child Custody and Child Support

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Child Custody:
In Oregon, there are two types of custody, joint custody and sole custody.  A court cannot order joint custody, it can only be made when the parties are in agreement.  Absent a joint custody agreement, only one parent will have sole custody of children at the end of the legal process.  However, even if one parent is determined to be the sole custodian, that does not mean that the other parent loses rights to visit or see their children.  The party that does not have custody usually gets “parenting time” or visitation rights with their children, sometimes in equal amounts with the other parent.

Parenting Time:
Parenting time can be agreed upon by the parties or it will be determined by a judge if the parties fail to come to an agreement before trial. A judge makes a determination for parenting time based upon the “best interests of the child.” This includes a number of factors, including the emotional ties between the children and other family members, abuse of one parent by the other, the interest of the parties in and their attitudes towards the child, and the desirability of a continuing relationship with the child, as well as other factors. 

Child Support:
In divorce cases with children, the court will almost always order child support. In Oregon, child support is usually determined by a set formula determined by the state of Oregon. The formula is based on the income of the parties, child care costs, the number of overnights the children spend with each parent, as well as other factors.  While this is the standard formula, there are reasons for going outside the normal formula that may be accepted by the court.

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