Family Law

Alexander Roome is experienced in many areas of family law and is here to help you as a strong during difficult times.  Alex dedicated to delivering the highest quality yet effective and cost efficient family law legal services as possible.  Alex practices in the following areas of family law:

When two people end their marital relationship, the official term is “dissolution of marriage” but is used interchangeably with divorce. Divorces can involve significant disputes over child custody and parenting time, spousal support, and asset and financial matters.  Alex ready to assist you with this process.  Click here for more information on Oregon Divorce.

Collaborative Divorce:
Alex is dedicated to the belief that divorce can be done without litigation. Collaborative Divorce takes the process outside of the courtroom, ending the relationship on a more amicable level than when it involves the courts.  Collaborative Divorce is not the right choice for everyone, but it can be a cost-effective and less stressful way of obtaining a divorce. Click here for more information.

Child Custody and Parenting Time:
When two parents split, whether married or not, the involvement of children can make the process very difficult for everyone.  In Oregon, custody matters generally divide into two areas, sole custody and joint custody.  We are ready to help you with your Child Custody, Child Support and Parenting Time issues.  Click here for more information.

Prenuptial Agreements:
In some instances, couples prefer to have an agreement regarding their marriage.  However, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements are really only necessary in certain situations, for certain couples.  Click here for more information.

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